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Senior Living Blog

How Retirement Communities Offer a Continuum of Care to Age-In-Place

Posted by Village Green Team on Mar 29, 2021 5:00:00 PM

Moving and transitions are tough and even when you find an environment you like, it can be draining to have to transfer your life and your belongings elsewhere.

As a senior, it can be especially difficult to make transitions the older one gets, even if you have family living nearby to lend support. You want and need to be where you have access to the right accommodations, services and amenities to meet your evolving needs. That is where a continuum of care campus like Village Green in Federal Way, Washington, can help. 

Village Green residents in Independent Living have the peace of mind that when their needs change, the only transitions they will have to face are slight tweaks to their care plan. The relief of staying in the same place when facing the loss of certain faculties or needing help to do every-day tasks is invaluable. As you consider the potential impending changes, remember that at Village Green you won’t be alone making those choices nor will you feel isolated from the life you had before. We ensure that you or your loved one feels at peace and at home knowing that this next stage of life and the uncertainties of the future are taken care of as we walk you through the entire process of what you can expect in this new season. And that is what we offer and so much more with our continuum of care for the residents here at Village Green.

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What is the Continuum of Care for Seniors?

A continuum of care in the world of senior living is a comprehensive plan of care that adjusts to your individual needs, or those of your loved one, over an extended period of time. These adjustments could encompass different levels, aspects or intensity of care. This includes, but isn’t limited to, medical needs.

For example, you or your aging parent may currently be in good health and enjoying an active, independent life in the South Puget Sound area. At this time, all you are looking for is comfortable housing where you can reside close by to your peers and have your basic needs met during the next stage of life. However, you don’t know what the future holds. As people age, it is not uncommon to experience gradual memory loss, chronic health conditions, and/or the need for rehabilitation or physical therapy. As a result, you may eventually require a different type of care or even senior living arrangement.


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The Continuum of Care, The Village Green Way

Now we can easily launch into all the services we offer in our continuum of care for our Senior residents (which is quite thorough and in fact we do below); however, what we really want you to know is that our focus is on the safety and security of the home environment that we give our residents. Transition is inevitably difficult in one way or another and at Village Green we organize any and all transitions in such a way that when our residents’ needs expand, their journey along the continuum of care is seamless. 

The benefits of starting out at a retirement community at the Independent Living stage is priceless. As humans age, we become more and more entrenched in routine. To begin at the place of independent living at a retirement community allows Seniors to make the adjustments needed on the continuum of care smooth and the transition almost non-existent, at a time in life when issues with less mobility, isolation from peers, getting proper nutrition, or memory loss can have a significant impact on life. The less transitions needed, the older a Senior grows, the better. And though the initial leap from being in your/their own home to independent living at a retirement center might be an adjustment, the long-term benefits for you or your loved-one far outweigh the initial upfront acclimatization.

As you consider the options out there for Seniors, and as we mentioned, there are many, the staff at Village Green make navigating the waters of change not only smooth, but approach it with invaluable skill and experience. We know this is most likely the first time you have ever had to deal with yourself or a loved-one in this life-stage. Let our expertise help guide you through the process of decision-making so that you know all the options and care opportunities you need and that are available. While residents remain in our care, our staff is always aware and able to spot needs for care and transition in advance, so that the necessary conversations can be had, to determine a plan when needs change or expand.

Finally, a critical piece of well-being for any age, but particularly harder to come by for Seniors, is community. Seniors with limited physical mobility or lack of access to transportation increasingly find themselves isolated and stuck at home without much human interaction (and even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic). A retirement community environment such as Village Green, can provide a place of belonging with others who are in the same life-stage, where Seniors can age gracefully among their peers, not just building friendships for this stage of life, but increasing their interactions with others, which is directly linked to satisfaction in and longevity of life for all of us as human beings.


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What Kinds of Care Does Village Green Offer for Seniors?

At Village Green, the basic level for independent renters involves senior living apartments that are akin to traditional complexes with multiple units. At Village Green’s Fairfield Apartments, you can come and go when you please, living independently while also enjoying campus amenities, scheduled transportation and a full schedule of activities.

Moving along the continuum of care, the next level is designated independent living. This is designed for seniors who desire a maintenance-free lifestyle and freedom to participate in various activities and outings. The main difference is that you or your loved one will get a couple additional services that aren’t included with the regular apartment living. For example, independent living includes one meal per day in the dining room, non-intrusive wellbeing checks, weekly housekeeping with bed changes, and interior and exterior building maintenance and yard care. If you need additional wellbeing services through Village Green, our Garden Apartments can accommodate an independent living lifestyle with a few additional wellbeing services through our trained nursing and care staff.

And of course, Village Green also offers assisted living (AL) housing and services to provide you or your aging parent with the best quality of life. We have a full team to help meet your healthcare needs, including licensed nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs), who are available 24 hours per day. Our staff can assist with any ADLs you require, whether that be dressing, bathing and grooming or taking prescribed medications and coordinating visits with various doctors and specialists. Your assisted living care plan could include other clinical care services such as insulin-dependent diabetic management, mobile lab services, out-patient rehabilitation services, and dietary management.

You also can enjoy three meals per day and access to all campus amenities as part of your monthly assisted living rate. Our goal is to cultivate your physical and emotional wellbeing—once again, all within our safe, comfortable and beautiful Federal Way campus.

How Can I Pay For All the Care Needed?

Village Green is a private-pay community, and most residents cover the monthly rate using savings, retirement accounts, or other forms of income.

However, we are also affiliated with Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), an innovative Medicare program that provides eligible seniors with comprehensive medical and social services coordinated and provided by an interdisciplinary team of professionals in a community-based center. Through PACE, low-income residents can continue to receive services typically covered by Medicaid and Medicare, free of cost.

To participate in PACE, you must be 55 years of age or older, require a nursing-home level of care but be able to live safely in the retirement community given you have access to the services offered by PACE.

 Finding a Retirement Community in Federal Way

At Village Green, it would be our pleasure to welcome you or your loved-one into your new home. We have all the capacity, services and licensed professionals to offer the highest quality service, but more importantly we care deeply for our residents and help them navigate all the nuances of this life-stage, so that all needs are met and you or your loved-one can just focus on living and enjoying life.


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