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Giving Your Family a Great Holiday Season While in Assisted Living

Posted by Betsy Fradd on Nov 17, 2016 10:00:00 AM
Betsy Fradd

Giving-Your-Family-a-Great-Holiday-Season-While-in-Assisted-Living.pngWhile the holidays are a wonderful time for many, they can be lonely and stressful for seniors and their loved ones. The aging family member may feel forgotten while their family may feel pressured to handle everything. Just because your loved one no longer lives at home, it doesn’t mean they have to miss out on these special days and events. Here are some tips to help you give your family a wonderful holiday season.

Find Out about Holiday Plans at the Retirement Community

Federal Way Retirement Communities like Village Green plan special events around the holiday season for the residents. It may be a Thanksgiving dinner with all of the traditional foods or it may be a musical performance that residents can attend.

Find out about these activities in advance and plan to attend a few of them with your senior loved one. If they can’t get out, this is one way to make the season special and start new traditions. Even those who can go home for a few hours or days will enjoy celebrating the holidays with their new friends in their new home and sharing it with family.

Plan Holidays around Your Loved One

Take your loved one’s mental and physical health into consideration when planning your holiday activities. For instance, make sure you include foods they can eat when planning a menu. If they nap or rest consider that when you come to visit or plan to take them out.

When you focus on your senior loved one’s needs, you will create a holiday season they can feel a part of instead of being treated as an afterthought. You may have to make some concessions, but everyone will have a much better time.

Keep It Simple

If you’ve always had a lavish holiday season, it can be overwhelming to an elderly person even if they are activities they’ve participated in before. Instead, try to tone things down. This helps prevent your family member from getting too tired or upset. While it’s important for every senior, it becomes critical if your loved one suffers from dementia.

Instead of trying to honor all of your family’s traditions, pick two or three that are the most important. Make adjustments as needed if you will be spending the holiday with your loved one in an assisted living community.

Start New Traditions

As people age they think about the things they are no longer able to do. This issue becomes even worse around the holidays, which are typically a busy time. It’s one reason the elderly suffer from depression during this time of year. Holidays highlight the changes in their lives. Instead of hosting Thanksgiving dinner in their own home, they are in assisted living.

One way you can make the holidays more fun for seniors is by creating new traditions. Choose activities they can be involved in, such as making Christmas cards or decorations or going out for Thanksgiving dinner instead of cooking.

Village Green works hard to make the holidays festive for the residents. You can also turn this holiday season into one of joy and excitement for your loved one by making a few changes.

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