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Senior Living Blog

Embracing Change as a Senior

Posted by Jason Kitchel on Jan 22, 2019 8:18:00 AM

Change is an inevitable part of life. Even as a senior when you think life should be slowing down, a new phase comes in. It may be time to sell your home and move into a retirement community. You may need to move in with family or an assisted living center. Health issues arise, family moves away.

Dealing with change is non-negotiable, but how you deal with it depends on you. It’s possible to look at it as a positive thing and to embrace the changes that are happening in your world.

Embracing Change as a Senior

Look for New Interests

If you’re moving to a new location or in a retirement community, it can feel intimidating to have your whole world turned upside down. Instead of hiding in your room, get out and find out about your community. Learn about special events or regular activities where you can get involved. Find out if there’s a book club or golfing group in your area that you can join. Maybe take up writing.

This might even be a good time to try a new hobby. Maybe sign up for a class to learn a skill or interest that you always wanted to do.

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Meet New Friends

A side benefit to trying out new interests and joining groups is meeting new people. If you’ve moved away from your friends to a senior living center, it can be lonely. Instead of thinking about what you’ve lost, look for ways to build new relationships. They can’t replace the friends who are no longer in your everyday life, but they can make this stage of your life more interesting and fulfilling.

One of the challenges of getting older is losing people you’ve known all your life, either through death or other changes. It can make you feel worried about your own future or lonely, but you don’t have to live that way. When you develop new relationships, it gives you something to look forward to in your day – even if some of those friendships happen online through social media.

Remember the Past

Even though you want to focus on the future, you don’t want to forget about the past. It can give you comfort as you think about happy memories. Just focus on how blessed you are because of your history and use that to move your life forward. Perhaps you can volunteer to teach a skill that you know or to mentor someone who is going through what you’ve dealt with.

If you’re crafty, you can make a scrapbook of past experiences, events or times in your life. While you can’t always prevent change even if it’s unwanted, you can think about the good times you’ve enjoyed up to now. It often helps you believe for more good things tomorrow.

Yes, change is a part of life. But you don’t need to look at it with dread of fear. You can determine that whatever changes you must make in your life will be viewed as an adventure that offers the possibility for fun and happiness.

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