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Release Your Inner-Artist: 5 Creative Outlets for Seniors

Posted by Jan Wieder on Oct 20, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Research has found that people tend to be the most creative when they are children, and then the decline begins as the responsibilities of adulthood begin to weigh in. This trend is unfortunate, as creativity actually brings numerous health and wellness benefits to our lives. And though it might seem like we lose the sense of creative wonder we had as children, it is not as hard as one might think to get that back.

Fortunately, the brain is an elastic muscle and there are ways to boost creativity and unleash all the benefits it has to offer. We created the following list of creative outlets to show you how to unleash your inner artist/writer/crafter/etc. We offer creative projects within our schedule of activities at Village Green retirement community in Federal Way, WA.

Release Your Inner-Artist: 5 Creative Outlets for Seniors

Why Is Creativity in Old Age Important?

Remember we mentioned the health benefits of creativity? Let’s take a closer look at that. You might be interested to know that creativity is associated with better brain function, a boost to mood, mental health benefits, a strengthened immune system, and more. These benefits are especially great for seniors.

Plus, creativity projects provide a way to keep busy when you’re retired, and they can offer socialization to combat isolation and loneliness if you are participating in a group creative activity. Now is the time to engage in those artistic outlets you may have put off while you were raising children, working, and spending free time on home projects and errands. If there were certain arts, crafts, writing projects, hobbies, or other artistic projects you always wanted to do, why not try them now?

It can be beneficial to spend time on creative projects in senior years. Just as the brain loses memories and cognitive abilities over time, it loses creativity. Just as you can counteract some of the effects of memory loss and cognitive decline through targeted activities, you can counteract some of the creativity loss by spending time on creative projects.

Creative Projects and Crafts for Seniors

There is a broad range of activities that could be considered creative. Anything that is artistic, creates something ,or uses the imagination is creative. You’re sure to find something you enjoy based on your own interests and personality, whether you prefer writing, drawing, baking, or some other expression of creativity.

If you need some ideas of good activities and crafts for seniors to get yourself started, consider this list:

1. Arts and Crafts

You could participate in various group or solo arts and crafts activities. Consider adult coloring books (yes such a thing exists), classes on painting for seniors, photography, drawing and more. You could even bring out your inner child and try finger painting! At Village Green, we offer art classes and projects for our residents to enjoy with their neighbors.

2. Gardening

Gardening offers a way to plan out the way different plants, flowers and colors interact with one another. You can find creative expression through the layout of the plants and then enjoy the beauty of your masterpiece. You may want to try outdoor gardening or cultivating indoor plants. If gardening isn't your thing, consider drawing the beauty of plants or engaging in home decor ideas that invoke the same sense of beauty and color.

3. Writing

Try different types of writing to release your creative juices. You may want to journal and simply let your thoughts, feelings and ideas flow. You could challenge your normal thoughts and encourage your mind to think of new perspectives and solutions as you write. Also, try your hand at creative writing through imaginative stories and descriptive language. If you prefer to talk over writing, tell your stories to others out loud rather than writing them down.

4. Music

You may be musically inclined, or perhaps you always wanted to be. Consider learning how to play a musical instrument or learning to sing. You could try to compose music or write the lyrics to a song. Also, you may want to play a musical instrument or sing with others as part of a group.

5. Hobbies

There are many hobbies you can explore, or perhaps you’d like to go back to one you enjoyed in your past. Some creative hobbies include knitting or crocheting, making cards or bookmarks, or scrapbooking. Even puzzles are creative, as putting together a puzzle engages both sides of your brain. At Village Green, we encourage you to pursue your hobbies, and we provide puzzle making as one of our weekly activities.

Senior Living Activities in Federal Way, WA

At Village Green, we help our residents age gracefully, which can include a focus on creativity and hobbies. We promote activities that help our residents focus on mental, physical, emotional and other aspects of health and wellness. Contact us to learn about our different senior living residences, or to see our availability and to set up a tour. We’ll be happy to show you a sampling of our activities while you’re visiting our campus.

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