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Certified Aging in Place Remodel or Assisted Living - A Comparison

Posted by Katie Krause on Feb 19, 2019 8:22:00 AM

As you get older, you must think about safety and security in your home. Many people choose to move to assisted living while others want to be able to remain in their own place. A new trend, known as certified aging in place, helps people stay in their homes for longer. However, it’s not always the right choice for every senior. It’s best to compare the two before making a decision.


The Advantages of Certified Aging in Place Remodel over Assisted Living

The primary advantage of choosing to remodel a home for seniors is so they can stay in their own home and not move to a new place. They can stay where they’ve made memories and know everyone in their neighborhood. They don’t need to pack everything up, sell their home and make a big move in their golden years.

For seniors who are primarily independent and just need a little more safety, this may be an ideal option. It helps them continue to feel free to be the master of their own space.

The Advantages of Assisted Living

On the other side of the coin are the benefits of moving to assisted living. The main reason people may consider this option is to allow them to have professional care close by. Many communities have staff available to help with basic tasks. Adult children and other family members don’t need to worry about their loved one being alone for hours or days.

A second advantage of assisted living is the ability to transition to more care should the need arise. There is often less of a wait for someone to go from assisted living to nursing care in the same facility.

What to Consider

It’s not always easy to determine which option is right for you. One of the primary considerations will be cost. To transform a home into a livable space for a senior, it may require some major remodeling. A bedroom may need to be put on the first floor or an elevator or lift put in. The cost can be quite expensive if a lot of work is required.

You also must think about the continued upkeep of the home. With an assisted living community, you aren’t responsible for lawn care and other maintenance as you are with your own property. You not only have to consider the cost but the responsibility which can be taxing for a senior.

Don’t forget about the social aspect of aging at home. In an assisted living center, you can meet other people who are similar in age and backgrounds. For those who choose to stay at home, they may become more isolated as they lose their mobility.

There is no single answer for every senior. Because of the variables that impact such a decision, it’s a good idea to tour a community like Village Green and find out what it offers before deciding whether to remain at home. Armed with information about both options, you can make a good decision for your future.

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