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Senior Living in Federal Way: Staying Active and Healthy

Posted by Kimberly Vickers on Sep 18, 2012 6:28:00 AM

senior living health septIt’s no big secret: Senior Wellness is important and active seniors tend to be healthier and happier than their sedentary colleagues. That’s why Village Green encourages residents to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. There are several ways our residents can choose to stay active in the community—without ever leaving the grounds. We offer a variety of amenities to fit everyone’s needs, whether their preferences lean toward activity or a more relaxing lifestyle.

For those who enjoy more activity, Village green Retirement Campus offers:

  • pool tables
  • a woodworking shop
  • a solarium/craft room
  • Movie theater and card rooms 

If more excitement off campus is what you are looking for, you’ll find many ideas listed on the monthly activity calendar. You can also attend theater events, or go to one of the Community Centers. Federal Way has both a Senior Center and a Community Center that offer many activities geared toward seniors.

If relaxation is more your style, you can take advantage of Village Green’s:

  • Serene walking paths
  • Personal gardening spots with irrigation
  • Beautiful landscaped grounds
  • Individual Pea Patches

Federal Way is located along the shores of Puget Sound, offering beaches, gardens, arts and cultural events, opportunities for bird watching, as well as sporting events.  Federal Way has 8 parks within the city in addition to Olympic National Park, part of the Olympic National Forest which is not too far away. 

So, what about maintaining health and wellness so that you can better enjoy those activities? The Village Green fitness center offers:

  • Swim Spa and Hot Tub
  • Aqua therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage suite

You may be thinking of massage therapy as a luxury, but it can offer welcome relief for anyone suffering from arthritis or other chronic diseases.  According to recent studies regular use of massage for treating arthritis symptoms led to improvements in pain, stiffness, range of motion, hand grip strength and overall function of the joints. Massage therapy is different from physical therapy but often they are used together to increase overall benefit. Aqua therapy, massage therapy, and physical therapy are considered complementary treatments used in conjunction with medical treatments for many diseases. All are conveniently located within our campus.

Our staff will work with you to coordinate a fitness program tailored to meet your individual needs and health goals.  There is a fitness program or class for everyone based on interest and ability, including the Group Health Certified Enhance Fitness program, which is a combination of stretching, low-impact aerobics, strength training and balance for mature participants. In addition, Village Green staff offers blood pressure checks and monitors abilities and limitations of participants.

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