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Senior Living Blogs




Senior Scams: In-Home Health Care Aide

3 Options to Get Help Caring for Aging Parents (Without Becoming Their Caregiver)

What Do Federal Way Seniors Fear? Understanding 10 Common Fears

The Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey

Flu-Fighting Foods For Seniors In Federal Way

Village Green Wins Best of Federal Way 2019 - 8th Consecutive Year!

A Day in the Life of Federal Way Independent Living

6 Questions to Help Guide Your Search for Assisted Living in Federal Way

Certified Aging in Place Remodel or Assisted Living - A Comparison

How to Make the Most of Your New Independent Living Home

What to Do with Your Belongings When Moving to a Senior Community

Embracing Change as a Senior

Old Age Doesn't Mean Old Vibrance

6 Great Ideas for New Activity Directors in Retirement Communities

How Do I know If My Parent Can Afford Assisted Living?(Updated 2019)

Self-improvement Never Stops: Continued Personal Growth Even in Your Golden Years

Senior-Friendly Holiday Activities You Can Do With a Group

Best 2018 Black Friday Deals Around Federal Way Washington

It's Never Too Late to Track Nutrition: Here's How to Start

5 Benefits Of Writing For Active Seniors In Federal Way

4 Best Scenic Destinations to Visit in Federal Way

Are Credit Scores Important for Seniors?

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Senior Living Community

How to Approach the Awkward Conversation of Money with Your Senior Parent

5 Tips to Prevent Memory Loss

5 Tips for Moving into Assisted Living

Benefits of Assisted Living in Federal Way

How to Make Sure My Elderly Parent is Eating Enough

Instead of Confrontation, Using These Effective Communication Tactics with your Aging Parent

5 Tips to Improve Your Balance

How to Pick the Perfect Hearing Aid

Seven Surprising Benefits of Walking Everyday

Writing Every Day Can Help Improve Many Things

How to Find the Perfect Medical Alert System for You or Your Loved One

Travel Tips for Seniors in Federal Way

Rediscover Your Passions

How to Find Friends While Living in a Federal Way Retirement Community

Resident Spotlight: Nancy Hart

Using New Avenues for Transportation as a Senior in Federal Way

8 Ways to Make Your Federal Way Independent Living Apartment Feel More Like Home

Great Hobbies for Seniors in Federal Way, WA

Living in an Independent Senior Community is like Being on Vacation Every day

Meet Activities Director Fay Weed!

5 Ways Independent Living Communities in Federal Way help Arthritis

Steps to Take to Get Your Home Ready to Move into an Assisted and Independent Living Community

How to Stay Resilient as You Age

The Perspective of Aging in Federal Way

Meet Village Green Resident Dick Kipp who Believes Humor Keeps Life in Perspective

Great Games for Seniors to Play

How to Prevent Pneumonia This Winter

6 Ways to Use Facebook as a Senior

6 Hints to Stay Active in the Winter Months

Village Green Retirement Campus Earns Deficiency-Free Survey

The Gift of Music – How Music Therapy Can Help Seniors

How to Prepare For the Holiday Season with Your Aging Parent

7 Gifts Ideas for Your Aging Parent

Remaining Independent as You Age in Federal Way WA

Resident Spotlight: Carolyn Ayers

Village Green’s Caregiver Imane Jeaouani -- Assisted Living Caregiver of the Year 2016

Things You Can Do to Change Your Perspective While Caregiving

Giving Your Family a Great Holiday Season While in Assisted Living

Our Resident Council Volunteer of the Month: Margaret Dimick

How to Determine Which Levels of Care Will Be Needed in an Assisted Living Community

Features to look for in an Assisted Living Community

New Things to Learn As You Age

How to Treat Your Aging Parent

Helpful Apps for Caregivers

Meet our Resident: Peggy Ewanoski

Risks to Seniors Living Alone

Meet our Residents: Nancy and Elwin Hart

Meet Our Resident: Dick Caster

September is Healthy Aging Month!

15 Questions to Ask About How Your Parent Will Remain Independent

10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating the Safety of an Assisted Living Facility

How Can I Check on My Loved One Once They Enter an Assisted Living Facility?

A Caregiver's Toolkit to Help You Find the Right Federal Way Retirement Community

Dealing with Tough Emotions as Your Parent Ages

What Are the Rules for Visiting my Parent in Assisted Living?

What Should My Role Be When My Parent Goes Into Assisted Living?

4 Questions to Ask When Assessing Levels of Care for an Aging Parent

How to Identify and Reduce Stress: Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Parent Be Encouraged to Remain Social? and 14 Other Questions

The Importance of Handrails in Federal Way

Will My Parent be Alone in Federal Way?

Understanding Different Levels of Care for Seniors in Federal Way

Varied Menus and Healthy Appetites Lead to Better Health in Federal Way

Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance in Federal Way

Strategies for Affording Assisted Living in Federal Way

How Aging Affects Financial Decisions in Federal Way

Tips for Touring Assisted Living Communities in Federal Way

The Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey: What You Need to Know

Power Of Attorney a Valuable Tool for Seniors in Federal Way

In-home Care Versus Assisted Living in Federal Way

5 Signs of Caregiver Burnout in Federal Way and What to Do About Them

Helping a loved one adapt to assisted living in Federal Way

Know The Signs for Elder Abuse in Federal Way

Seniors Enjoy Coloring And Mental Challenges With New Workbooks in Federal Way

Deciding Between In-home Care Or Assisted Living in Federal Way

Seniors Enjoy Cozy Homes at Village Green in Federal Way

7 Signs It May Be Time To Consider Assisted Living In Federal Way

Make a Plan To Avoid Caregiver Burnout In Federal Way

Balance Is More Than a Buzzword For Active Seniors In Federal Way

Assisted Living in Federal Way Offers An Array of Choices to Suit Diverse Needs

Instead of Guessing, Use ‘Go Wish’ to Guide End-of-Life Decisions for a Loved One in Federal Way

Assisted Living Facilities Are Similar But Different In Federal Way

Seniors Giving Thanks For This Amazing Spring In Federal Way

Information is the Best Antidote to Anxiety for Seniors in Transition in Federal Way

Don’t Take a “Wait and See” Attitude Toward Parental Finances in Federal Way

10 Tips for Communicating with Someone with Dementia in Federal Way

How To Choose an Assisted Living Facility In Federal Way

Memory Lapses That Are Cause For Concern For Seniors In Federal Way

How to Choose a Federal Way Assisted Living Community 

Vitamin D Can Help Seniors Reduce Risk of Dementia in Federal Way

8 Signs It May Be Time For Assisted Living in Federal Way

10 Tips For Managing Caregiver Stress During the Holidays In Federal Way

Personal Playlists Help Seniors Connect With Memories In Federal Way

Informal caregivers shoulder a heavy burden and need respite in Federal Way

Building a Memory Palace To Relieve Stress In Federal Way

10 Ways To Be a Healthier Caregiver For Seniors In Federal Way

Pro-social behavior boosts senior happiness in Federal Way

Take Steps To Prevent Falls Among Seniors In Federal Way

7 Tips For Communicating With Your Elderly Parents In Federal Way

Lifestyle Changes To Cope With Senior Depression In Federal Way

7 Expenses That Disappear For Seniors In Federal Way

Standby Help Or Full-Time Care? What’s Best For My Parent In Federal Way?

Paying For Assisted Living In Federal Way If the House Hasn’t Sold

Survey Says: More Than 90% of Assisted Living Residents Are Happy With Their Experiences

Village Green “Brain Games” Help Residents Stay Active and Engaged In Federal Way

Keep the Memories, Not the Worries, In Federal Way Assisted Living

Federal Way Library a Gem For Residents At Village Green Assisted Living

Computer Games For Seniors In Federal Way Offer Fun And Brain Fitness

5 Great Reads For Seniors In Federal Way

Sellers Market In Federal Way Good News For Seniors

Healthy Habits Come Naturally To Residents Of Village Green Retirement Campus

Making Friends At Any Age In Federal Way Assisted Living

Summer Safety Tips For Seniors In Federal Way

Long-Distance Caregivers Provide Needed Support In Federal Way

Coping With Grief After the Death Of a Spouse

Healthy Travel Tips For Seniors In Federal Way

Music Really Can Sooth Seniors In Federal Way

Stroll the Paths At Village Green For Fun And Fitness

Valentine Crafts To Warm Your Heart

LeMay-America’s Car Museum Perfect Outing For Drive Down Memory Lane

Go4Life For Health And Wellness

Secret Santas Give Simple Gifts Of Gratitude

Preserving Cherished Recipes

Memory Notebooks: the More You Write, the More You Remember

Downsizing Part 2: Parting with your Possessions

Downsizing: How to Get Started

Retirement Living in Federal Way: Home Design

Retirement Living in Federal Way: Assistive Devices to Improve Quality of Life

Retirement Living in Federal Way: Signs Your Parent May Be Ready for a Move

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