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Senior Living Blog

A Day in the Life of Federal Way Independent Living

Posted by Village Green Team on Apr 24, 2020 9:06:00 AM

As you and your senior family member make the decision to move them from their own home into an independent living community, you must decide where to go. Not all facilities are the same, and it’s important to become familiar with your options for independent living. One of the important questions to ask is what life will be like for the resident when they move. In a moment, we will take a look at what could be involved in a typical day for residents at Federal Way.

A day in the life of independent living in Federal Way

What Is Independent Living for Seniors?

Before you see a typical day at Federal Way, it’s important to make sure you understand what independent living for seniors really means, and dispel the common myths about it. Independent living is quite different than assisted living, but it’s also unique from other kinds of retirement communities.

With an independent living community, the senior has the means to age gracefully in a place where they can take care of their own needs. Staff may be on hand to assist with housekeeping and other aspects of their routine, but they still have their independence and privacy.

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Another of the reasons seniors often choose to move into independent living is because it’s designed to accommodate their needs. With no stairs to climb plus guardrails and other features, daily life becomes less cumbersome on those with decreased mobility.  You don’t have to worry about your senior parent trying to function in a house that was designed for able-bodied homeowners or needing expensive changes to make it work for them a little longer.

Village Green at Federal Way offers cottages and apartments that are the perfect size and space for seniors. They have plenty of room without too much space to take care of. The choice between facilities depends on how much care and space the person needs. Cottages allow the person to feel at home with the ability to manage their own lives and leave the grounds maintenance to the community staff.

Independent Living Cottage Floor Plans


Caring & Intentional Staff

The people you're surrounded by undoubtedly are one of the largest factors contributing to the joy you will find from every day life. The Village Green team works diligently to coordinate activities and events for residents as well as make sure they feel seen and heard, staying positive even during difficult times.


A Place to Call Home

In an independent living center, the senior wakes up in their own space. They may live in an apartment or cottage where they can shower and get dressed at their leisure. However, help is nearby if and when they need it. Every room is furnished and decorated just the way they like it. They know where their toothbrush and shower gel are and it feels like home – because it is.

Apartment homes come with a vast selection of amenities that are included in the monthly rent. For instance, the resident can enjoy evening meals at any of the dining areas with breakfast and lunch available. Once the resident is dressed and ready for breakfast, they can grab something in their apartment or join their friends for a meal in the dining area. Cooking and cleanup are taken care of by the staff so the resident can enjoy visiting with fewer responsibilities in their golden years.




After breakfast is over, the resident can check their schedule to see what’s on the agenda. A housekeeper comes in weekly to clean the home. Scheduled transportation allows the person to go to doctor appointments or other meetings.

Residents receive three wellness checks each day. If they need something, they can easily alert a staff member. This access to constant care gives family members peace of mind, knowing their loved one is surrounded by a team of caretakers and friends.



Senior Community Activities

One of the emotional benefits of moving to an independent living center is increased social interaction. Seniors are often isolated at home, especially if they have limited mobility, which leads to feelings of loneliness. Here at Village Green, they have plenty of activities to participate in, allowing them to choose what captures their interest and stay social. For some, it might be spending time in the woodworking shop or taking a craft class. Others may enjoy the fitness center or computer room on a regular basis. It’s certainly not what you might have thought of with an old folks’ home.

No one is obligated to participate, but everyone is welcome. The variety of activities provided ensure there’s something for everyone. These activities are not only social but educational as well. In fact, residents can teach others about their special skill, making them feel useful. They can learn about history or other cultures or even another language. Learning something new can help keep the mind active and even improve physical health. Age is no barrier to learning.


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Special Events

Beyond daily and weekly activities to choose from, the staff at Federal Way organize events to appeal to residents. These special events give residents a chance to mingle and get to know each other outside of their normal activities. Recently, residents had the chance to visit the Washington State History Museum for an outing where they learned about local history. A trip to the Department of Game taught them about fish and hatcheries. A lunch trip to the Emerald Queen Casino offers opportunity for some grown-up fun.  

If you’re looking for a place that will enhance the quality of life for yourself or your loved one, it may be time to transition into an independent living community. Tour some of your local facilities and see how your loved one could develop a new routine that enables them to enjoy their golden years worry free. In addition, common areas allow people to enjoy their favorite hobbies, such as the library for readers, parlors for visiting with guests with a fireplace to enhance the atmosphere and juice bars as well as other intimate dining areas.

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