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7 Signs It May Be Time To Consider Assisted Living In Federal Way

Posted by Jason Kitchel on Aug 26, 2015 11:30:00 AM

7-signs-it-may-be-time-to-consider-assisted-living-in-FWWhether you live close to your loved one or far away, it can be difficult to recognize the signs that it is time to consider assisted living or some other form of in-home care.

For adult children living nearby, the signs can be easy to miss simply because they come on so gradually. When the house doesn’t get cleaned, the lawn doesn’t get mowed or bills don’t get paid, the adult child either picks up the slack, or doesn’t, but the situation seems normal, even if the loved one’s safety is at risk.

For adult children living far away, the problem is that elderly parents often learn to hide any problems they may be having. In long-distance conversations, or even short visits, it can appear that all is well, when instead things are deteriorating.

When trying to decide whether or not a loved one is safe living alone, it’s sometimes helpful to have a list of things to look for so that you can give yourself a reality check.

This list was compiled by AgingCare.com, but it seems to be a good one:

Has your parent fallen recently, or stumbled into furniture while trying not to fall? Have you noticed any bruises that could be from a fall?

Is your parent remembering to take medication as prescribed? Few of us can remember to take medications on time without a system in place, so check to see what your parent’s system is and whether it appears that he or she is following it faithfully.

Has your parent become more isolated or withdrawn than normal? Many factors can lead to isolation, including limited mobility, loss of hearing, depression or early stages of dementia. Isolation is often a contributing factor to poor health and safety.

Is your parent bathing regularly and keeping up with other grooming tasks?

Are the house and yard well kept and does your parent call for help—either paid or family—when he or she needs it?

Are there stacks of unopened letters or unpaid bills in the house? Is your parent showing other signs of having trouble with money management?

Is your parent eating nutritious meals, or do you see spoiled food in the refrigerator and expired food in the pantry?

Assisted living facilities are designed to support residents who need help with various activities of daily living, from meals to grooming to medication management, but they provide so much more than that. Call us at Village Green Retirement Campus to learn more about what we offer.

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