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7 Gifts Ideas for Your Aging Parent

Posted by Jason Kitchel on Oct 22, 2020 8:11:00 AM

It can be difficult to figure out what to purchase for your older parents for their birthdays and the holidays, especially when they are financially able to buy whatever comes to mind, or if they continually insist they don’t want anything. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect holiday, birthday, or just-because present, here are a few gift ideas for older parents to make the process easier:


7 Gifts Ideas for Your Aging Parent

Gifts are often about anticipating some else’s needs or desires and surprising them when you come to visit with something special and unique they might not have even realized they wanted. You should focus on selecting an item or experience that will be useful or make your aging parent’s life more manageable or enjoyable.

Also, consider giving Gifts of Gratitude this holiday season.

1. E-book Readers

Senior woman smiling while reading E-reader on couch

Members of the older generations are becoming more familiar and comfortable with technology, and e-book readers are especially easy to use. Along with being compact, which means they will take up less physical space in your parent’s independent living residence, many e-book readers have an option for controlling the font size of the text. If your parent is an avid reader but struggles with small print, this could be the perfect fit.

2. The Bundle Game

If your older parent enjoys games, you can customize this unique board game to include their monumental life moments or inside jokes. Whenever they pull out to their own Bundle game to play with family or friends, they get to take a fun walk down memory lane. It also creates an opportunity for them to elaborate on their recollections with their younger relatives.

3. An Electric Jar Opener

This item is especially useful for anyone with arthritis or compromised strength who still enjoys preparing food on their own. You can find electric jar openers from a variety of companies, including Black and Decker, which has a compact, easy-to-operate model. You only need to use one hand to put the jar in place and press the button that removes the lid. Not only does the appliance adjust for height, but it also collapses, making it easy to store.

4. Tile Mate

If your loved one struggles with misplacing their cellphone, keys, wallet, the television remote, or other important items, Tile Mate can help. These tiny squares attach to common personal objects, which are frequently lost, and the Bluetooth or Tile app can detect them and help you track them down. As an additional bonus, all the Bluetooth trackers run for a full year with zero upkeep, which is convenient for older adults.  

5. Nail Care Plus

Getting their nails manicured is an activity many older adults enjoy doing. However, even if your parent has access to a beauty shop on their independent living campus, they may still want to occasionally do their own nails. The Nail Care Plus includes manicure tools designed specifically to be gentle and not break skin, while still being effective on calluses and thick nails. This is suitable for most aging adults, including those with diabetes.

6. Passwords Fast

Although this gift could be useful for anyone, it especially comes in handy for individuals who are still growing accustomed to technology and the vast landscape of the Internet. PasswordsFast is a compact, Internet-free device where you can store passwords for all your online accounts. It is secure, can’t be externally hacked, and fits well into a purse or desk drawer.

7. An Experience

Happy seniors holding hands while walking down a dirt road during an outdoor camping experience

It’s important for aging parents to get out, have fun, and experience new things. While many independent living communities include excursions or day trips in their offerings, it’s extra special when they get to share this experience with a loved one. Tailor the trip or activity to their individual capabilities and preferences as much as possible. Additionally, if your parent already is a big traveler who plans their own getaways, you can purchase Groupons, gift certificates, shipboard credits, or other prepaid “currency” to use during their adventure.


Gift-giving for Older Parents

If you’re looking to make a grandparent’s or older parent’s birthday or holiday a little extra special this year, this list gives you a place to start browsing the variety of gifts that can add joy and convenience to their lives. To help you find these gifts, here is a list of the best Black Friday deals in Federal Way.

Regardless of your loved one’s habits or interests – and the fact they may often tell you not to worry about giving them a gift – you can find the perfect item to contribute joy or convenience to their daily routine, improving their overall quality of life.


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